Things I noticed, on the way to somewhere else

Tomorrow is bump-in day. Day after that is show day.
So today was walk-around-do-errands-and-look-at-things day.

Here are some things I found when I went to buy some milk. Then some things I found on the way to the Festival Venue.

Oooh.. what’s that red thing behind fence…?

Oh it’s just a car.

I overheard a discussion by some passers by who decided it was an artwork or an ingenius prank.

This is what happens when a 100 year old barber gets their branding campaign done by a Gen Y advertising executive.

Possibly re-acting to comments that they are hard to understand, the Scottish have designed a sign that clearly says NO LOADING.

But just to make sure you get the message they put them EVERYWHERE.

Another example of handy sign work by the Scottish. This bin takes everything EXCEPT CYCLES.

And finally, I saw these two on the way home from my errands. They could well end up being one of my favourite festival performances of the week. You can’t see it in the photo – but the guy on the right is really rocking out to the guitar (nodding his head, tapping the beer can etc – about as much emotion as you can expect from someone who may well be English) and the guy on the left is giving it all he’s got and the whole street can hear him singing.



  1. Now that’s what I call Scotland!

  2. Cool shots!

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