A special post for some special people

Last year two of my high school friends got married, and I was chuffed to be the MC.

At that wedding I met some family friends of the bride and groom, who had travelled from Edinburgh for the wedding. They found out I did some stand-up comedy and insisted that I come to Edinburgh.

‘In a few years’ I replied, ‘I’m not quite ready yet.’

But they said all the comedians come to Edinburgh – even the very new ones, and I really should, and that I could stay with them.

I thought about it, and then thought ‘worth a shot’.

I applied for a grant from DCA to part fund the two months of performing, writing and seeing shows.

I cried when I got the envelope saying my application was successful. I knew before it started that this whole trip would mean a lot to me. Even just getting the grant gave me a huge boost because it meant that OTHER people thought I was worth betting on, not just my family or my friends…

I hadn’t spoken to the couple I’d met since the wedding and the phone number I had for them wasn’t connecting. Google came to the rescue and so I emailed the address that came up:

“This is Bonnie (Perth, Australia) who you met at Briony and Harry’s wedding late last year… I’m pretty sure this is the right Bill and Helen because I remembered you made knitwear and then when I googled your names and Edinburgh the shop came up in the search”

A day later and I got a reply.

“Hi Bonnie, I think this must be the right Bill & Helen because we remember you too, so we can’t all be going lala. How great that you go the grant, well done, I’m sure we can help with the accommodation if you let us know when your dates are.”

Bill and Helen let me stay with them for free for a month, when most people are renting out rooms at extortionate amounts during the Festival.  They didn’t know me at all when they offered, but they managed to make a HUGE difference to my year – if they hadn’t insisted that Edinburgh was the place to be I certainly wouldn’t have gone this year. The whole time I was there they treated me like part of the family and I was sad to say goodbye.

There will be another post about Edinburgh, but this one is just about them, if you are ever in Edinburgh please check out their shop and say ‘Bonnie says thanks!’

Bill Baber – Knitwear (handmade in Scotland)

It’s in the Grassmarket – off Cowgate Street and the website is here.

This was the goodbye present I made for them when I left.

A Mary Poppins silhouette – because it looks believable from their window!


With a little help from your friends…

Recently Briony Stewart, one of my best friends, had her hotel apartment ransacked while she was sleeping. On the upside she didn’t wake up while the intruder stole all her belongings of value (laptop, phone, makeup, wedding rings…) so there was no confrontation and she wasn’t hurt.

On the downside she’s been severely shaken up (as they broke into a secure room in the hotel) and has lost more than $6,000 worth of equipment and valuables. Saddest of all her wedding rings, only a few months away from the 1st year anniversary.

Briony is a writer, artist and a sweetheart. She was on a writing residency when the theft occurred and wasn’t covered by her home and contents insurance (as like many others, she hadn’t gotten travel insurance for a national trip) and although it’s only money, it’s a lot of money.

Briony will get through this, but I know that a little help from friends (and friends of friends) can make a big difference. So I thought maybe you might like to buy one of her books.

That way you get something, Briony gets something and maybe one of your nieces, nephews or neighbours gets something (a great book, it’s won awards and everything). Or you can just add to your own collection. It’s written for 8 – 12 year olds, but can be enjoyed by anyone as the writing is sweet and funny.

It’s very good. I’ve read it a few times, and there is a second one out now too.
If you want to buy straight away you can get it online here.

If you’d like to get it direct from Briony (I think she makes more money that way) and have it signed then you can find her blog here and her contact details below.


Her email is briony.stewart (at) hotmail.com
(I can’t write the full address here because spammers will pick it up.)

Or if you just want to pass this message on that will help too 🙂

Thanks a bunch.