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Climb every mountain…

Yesterday I climbed a big hill in Edinburgh called  ‘Arthurs Seat’ with Cameron, John and Jamie.

This was the first sign I saw as we began the walk, which wasn’t at all comforting.

It was closely followed by this one.

We still managed to have a rather fine time though, and John did a lot of posing as well as walking. Look at that profile!

And we played games like ‘spot the bald man’s head’ in the grassy knolls. Can you see him?

At one point we joked about giving someone a comedy flyer on the walk, then Cameron did. They didn’t come to the show. The walk was beautiful, but steep and quite tiring. Even the fences looked a bit exhausted.

At one point a grey haired man JOGGED past me up the hill, I’m guessing he was about 50, shortly after that I sat down.

Just for a bit though. Because we eventually made it to the top to see sweeping views of Edinburgh, where I sat down again.

Note the careful rock arrangement of ‘cock and balls’ by some previous walkers – this photo was taken from the top of the hill, so actual size was about 5 metres in length on the ground.

It was a bunch of fun – particularly thanks to the company, so here’s a final photo of the gang. I’d recommend the walk to anyone visiting Edinburgh. Refreshing, relaxing and astounding. Take a rain jacket though.

From Left to Right – Cameron, Jamie, John and Bonnie.

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