Climb every mountain…

Yesterday I climbed a big hill in Edinburgh called  ‘Arthurs Seat’ with Cameron, John and Jamie.

This was the first sign I saw as we began the walk, which wasn’t at all comforting.

It was closely followed by this one.

We still managed to have a rather fine time though, and John did a lot of posing as well as walking. Look at that profile!

And we played games like ‘spot the bald man’s head’ in the grassy knolls. Can you see him?

At one point we joked about giving someone a comedy flyer on the walk, then Cameron did. They didn’t come to the show. The walk was beautiful, but steep and quite tiring. Even the fences looked a bit exhausted.

At one point a grey haired man JOGGED past me up the hill, I’m guessing he was about 50, shortly after that I sat down.

Just for a bit though. Because we eventually made it to the top to see sweeping views of Edinburgh, where I sat down again.

Note the careful rock arrangement of ‘cock and balls’ by some previous walkers – this photo was taken from the top of the hill, so actual size was about 5 metres in length on the ground.

It was a bunch of fun – particularly thanks to the company, so here’s a final photo of the gang. I’d recommend the walk to anyone visiting Edinburgh. Refreshing, relaxing and astounding. Take a rain jacket though.

From Left to Right – Cameron, Jamie, John and Bonnie.


With a little help from your friends…

Recently Briony Stewart, one of my best friends, had her hotel apartment ransacked while she was sleeping. On the upside she didn’t wake up while the intruder stole all her belongings of value (laptop, phone, makeup, wedding rings…) so there was no confrontation and she wasn’t hurt.

On the downside she’s been severely shaken up (as they broke into a secure room in the hotel) and has lost more than $6,000 worth of equipment and valuables. Saddest of all her wedding rings, only a few months away from the 1st year anniversary.

Briony is a writer, artist and a sweetheart. She was on a writing residency when the theft occurred and wasn’t covered by her home and contents insurance (as like many others, she hadn’t gotten travel insurance for a national trip) and although it’s only money, it’s a lot of money.

Briony will get through this, but I know that a little help from friends (and friends of friends) can make a big difference. So I thought maybe you might like to buy one of her books.

That way you get something, Briony gets something and maybe one of your nieces, nephews or neighbours gets something (a great book, it’s won awards and everything). Or you can just add to your own collection. It’s written for 8 – 12 year olds, but can be enjoyed by anyone as the writing is sweet and funny.

It’s very good. I’ve read it a few times, and there is a second one out now too.
If you want to buy straight away you can get it online here.

If you’d like to get it direct from Briony (I think she makes more money that way) and have it signed then you can find her blog here and her contact details below.

Her email is briony.stewart (at)
(I can’t write the full address here because spammers will pick it up.)

Or if you just want to pass this message on that will help too 🙂

Thanks a bunch.

The Window People

I’d never heard about this before arriving in Edinburgh. And I’m not sure if it’s a national pass-time or just something I happen to have seen quite a bit of, but everyone seems to enjoy sitting in windows.

No, really. I have photos.


This was the first window-person I saw.


The second window-sitter – who actually preferred to be horizontal.


These guys were very social and chatty – even from a height.

Can you spot them?

There they are…

I don’t photograph monuments, rather get the postcard

I’m traveling overseas for the first time since 2006 (it’s 2010 as I type this, so you can do the math).

Now it’s not that I don’t think castles, old buildings and monuments are impressive, but I don’t think the world needs any more photos of the Eiffel Tower, thank you. Especially when other people with much better cameras, from much better angles with more impressive sunsets have already got the shot and printed it on a postcard for me.

So instead I take photos that make me giggle, like this.

Humps for 370 yards

I know it’s never going to be a postcard,  and not everyone giggles at the word hump on a sign. So expect photos of all sorts of things while you’re here.

Like London giving out FREE HIRE BIKES. Really! Look!

And they even give you advice on how to ride it safely, how thoughtful.

Did you know that Dubai Airport gives you the freedom to advertise smoking? And according to the advertisement ‘the freedom to enjoy’ it too.

As long as you’re in this box.

That’s it from the first day of travels.



Bonnie blogs

This isn’t really a blog yet, but it will be.
Just you wait…